Sunday, November 23, 2014

Will and Lizzie

At the end of the day the rain gauge was almost full.  Putting it near the downspout was one reason, but it had obviously rained a good bit.  Will was no meteorologist but he guessed it had rained an inch or more in the past few hours.

The hurricane was getting close.  It was currently spinning about 200 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach and heading right for Savannah, a city which had already been under a hurricane warning for two days.  Warnings mean landfall or hurricane conditions are expected in the next 48 hours.  It had been 48 and the Hurricane, aka Lizzie, was still a long way away.  After posting the warnings for beaches from Titusville to Cape Hatteras, while Lizzie was raking the DR with 130mph winds and 12 foot storm surge, the meteorologists were now puzzled as to why Lizzie seemed to have stalled.

Will wasn't too concerned.  He had seen a bad hurricane forecast more than a few times in his life.  He could vaguely remember the time if felt like the whole east coast of GA and FL had decided to come camp out in his Walmart parking lot in Thomasville.  He clearly remembered the missions coordinator for his church going berserk when a hurricane hit the coast of Mexico while they were in Monterrey - nearly 200 miles and a mountain range inland.  It was comical that the missions team was stranded in their hotel during a moderate rain shower, while the ones who were supposed to be receiving the ministry of their church were bringing meals to the hotel!

Hurricanes were notorious for changing direction, or in this case for deciding not to move in any direction.  And that was OK with Will.  Lizzie was a nice distraction and the longer she wanted to sit and spin the better.