Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Gay Question

Today I asked my senior Government class the Gay Question: Should gay marriage be legal or illegal? I told them I wanted them to start thinking about it.  Maybe we'll have a classroom debate in the near future.  I ask them because I think it's a great question for today; especially in a Christian school setting.  Scripturally we are on a firm foundation when it comes to the question.  But legally?  I'm not so sure.  How do we defend a ban on gay marriage without pulling Scripture into the debate?  Is it legal to use Scripture to defend a legal ban on gay marriage? Does using Scripture violate another person's freedom of religion?  I don't know the answer.  That's the other reason I ask the question.  Maybe one of these knuckleheads will have an insight I haven't had yet.  There are some bright minds in this class and I keep hoping someone somewhere will show me a satisfactory answer to this question. 

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