Thursday, September 18, 2014

David and Goliath and Derek Webb

 So this morning I heard someone talking about Derek Webb and his divorce.  I thought he must have been talking about a wife before Sandra McCracken.  But when I looked it up this morning there it was, sure enough, he and Sandra are getting a divorce.  I write like I know them, like I have invested something in their lives, like I raised my hand when the preacher asked me to validate their marriage, their membership in the church.  But I don't know them; obviously if I didn't even know their marriage was in trouble.  Truth is there are people in my own church that I've raised my hand for, that I've taken vows to help them as they study the purity and peace of the church, that I've found out AFTER the fact that their marriage was in trouble. 

But that doesn't really bother me.  I doubt it bothers you very much.  OK, it bothers me a little - but only because there are people like the guy this morning who was telling me about Derek Webb.  I don't remember why it even came up but his comment was derogatory. He was saying something about the divorce and his opinion of Derek was now negative somehow because of that.  So why does that bother me?  Maybe you can see it a little in my response to his comment.  I just said, simply, that perhaps he, Derek, was also a man after God's own heart.  Our preacher has been preaching on David for the better part of a year now.  The first part of the series was awesome - David was awesome.  What an incredible guy, what amazing character, what love for the Father! Our preacher recently started preaching on his affair, his murder, his conspiracy. 

So here's my question: Is David really a great guy? an example to follow? a man after God's own heart? If you're a Bible thumper you have to say yes.  And once you say he was, you have to say he was even though he fell like a rock. Because David didn't become a sinner once he killed Uriah, or even when he slept with Bathsheba.  He didn't become a sinner the night he watched her from his roof.  He was born a sinner, born into iniquity as he himself wrote about.  No one can hide from that, not you, not me, not David.  So why don't we stop pretending and let the gospel be as big as it really is.   

Nov 23
It rains outside and it sounds strange.  Strange for rain to sound strange.  I must have heard it a thousand times, maybe ten thousand.  Yet when it started up just now it sent a bit of a chill through me.  Something out there is powerful and I am powerless.  Maybe that's what's happening inside me subconsciously.  Maybe i'm just aware of God on a level I'm not aware of the awareness.

It rained really hard this morning while we were having SUnday school in the gym.

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